2019 – Full Speed Ahead

As you might have guessed, we are into off grid living.  We produce electricity, we have our own water and sewage system. We grow fruit and vegetables, we grind oat for oat meal flakes, we bake our own bread (not always because I have the best biodynamic baker as a client), we make paneer (a type of cheese), we have made yoghurt, we have




Button Mushrooms

grown trout (not any more because I eat neither fish nor meat), I knit socks and crochet hats.  We don’t do this to save money or because we have to, we do this because it is very statisfying and the quality of our products improve. By investing time in making food and building our home, we safe a lot of money.  We each run a business which in itself is a full-time job but we only HAVE TO earn enough to pay health insurance, phone and some other little things. We feel rich! We don’t consume the way other people do and we used to.  Our building materials are mostly used building materials.  Our cars are way more than 10 years old and generally we fix things rather than throw them out.

2019 starts by growing Shirtaki mushrooms and button mushrooms.  We are planing what we will grow once the snow is gone.  I have bought the ingredients to make Ricotta and Mozarella and will make cheese on the weekend.

What we are finding is that we have more than we can eat.  There is too much work for two people but also too much food for two people and too much space for two people.

So, for 2019 we have invited a young gardner to join us here.  He is bringing his yurt and will be self suffient. He will take over some of the gardening work and give us the chance to be away for short periods of time by taking care of the animals while we’re away.  It should free us up a lot.  Maybe we will invite other people here as well.  As a commune we can do a lot more and all of us will live better than we do now.  If you’re wanting to join us, applications are welcome.


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