The Aftermath of the Storm

Some of you might have heard that on August 18 a terrible storm with winds up to 230 km/h hit us.  It was very frightning. Now, two months later, we are still not finished with the cleaning up.  Where there were forests, the harvesters are coming in to  clear the broken trees.  Every single tree that is not damaged is left alone but most forests are totally gone. The road to us was closed in one direction for nearly 3 weeks.  The road works that were due to commence in August have been postponed to next year.

Sturmschaden Fahrzeug

Three trees on just one vehicle

Storm damage

Most trees were broken half way up.


Some towns had to do without power for more than a week


Our neighbour lost several roofs.

I think the whole area is still in shock.  We all can’t believe how our area has changed.  We can see neighbours we could never see before because the forest that seperated us is no longer there. We ourselves lost a number of trees.  The storm was at midnight and Achim was out at 6 am to clear the road of fallen trees. By the time the fire brigade arrived he was only one tree away from opening a path so we could at least come out in one direction.  Most guests of the pub had to walk home that night because all the roads are blocked.

Here are just a few pictures to give you an impression but it doesn’t do the trouble any justice.


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